Five Day NGS Data Analysis Workshop:

Comprised of informative lecture series, hands on sessions and interactive learning.

Batch Dates:

1) 22nd to 26th October 2012


No. of Registrations:

5 participants


Research Scientists, Faculties and Post Docs.


Biokart India [P] Ltd. / Bionivid Learning Center
401-4AB Cross,
1st Main NGEF East, Kasturi Nagar,
Bangalore - 560043 India

Workshop Fee*:

INR 12500/-

*Inclusive of Business Lunch.

    Program Duration and Content

    It is a five days program for Transcriptome - which includes:

  • Introduction to NGS Technology
  • Raw Data Filtering and QC

  • Resequencing
  • Alignment to Reference Genome and Alignment Statistics
  • Expression Qunatification of known genes
  • Novel Gene Detection, Variation Detection
  • Differential Expression among different samples
  • Functional clasissification of differential transcripts
  • DENOVO Sequencing
  • Denovo Assembly of reads and statistics
  • Protein Coding Potential
  • Sequence Homology Based Annotation of Transcripts
  • Ontology and Pathway Classification of Annotated Transcripts
  • Identification and Classification of Functionally Important Classes and Genes
  • Custom Requirements and Discussion

  • Raw Data Filtering and QC
  • Resequencing Analysis
  • Alignment to Reference Genome and Alignment Statistics
  • Functional Annotation of the Genome
  • Structural, Genetic Variation Analysis and Reporting
  • Comparitive Genome Analysis and Reporting

  • DENOVO Sequence Analysis
  • Denovo Assembly Sequence Reads
  • Generating Assembly Statistics and Reporting
  • Gene Prediction and Functional Annotation / Classification of Genome
  • Functional Annotation and Classification of Annotated Genome
  • Custom Requirements and Discussion

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